Beggars Cove is a lonely underground residence mostly inhabited by Wonderers. This location isn't a slum nor a ghetto, it's simply an unofficial living space for the homeless. Several tunnels lead to this area, one being a stairwell down from the Neon District Gym, another being a back door entrance from the noodle shop, a third being from an ingress encased by vines in the wall of the Watch Precinct, and another from a secret tunnel behind a poster in Cell One of the precinct. Beggars Cove consists of a series of tunnels that form a sort of labyrinth, the floor all dirt. The main area in the cove is a small underground reservoir, on which lies a small boat by a dock, where the constant dripping of water echoes. There are several fireplaces in the dry areas, whether they are by the pond or in separate rooms connected by tunnels. It's a solitary place, not many people, just a few urban poor. One by one they stare into the water sulking, looking at their reflection and then obscuring it with a wave of their hand.


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