BE Fashion is just on the right of the National News Station and in front of the Amery International tunnel entrance. It's the go-to place for anyone who's in to fashion. Who doesn't enjoy getting a little more stylish than what we're accustomed to? The building is has a great, colorful glass display, beaming to the left. Muffled, groovy music can be heard outside around and from the inside of the store.

You are able to use a free Custom ID inserter inside the store, just like Discount Clothes. If you want to put on a shirt, you just need to walk up to the shirts are in the store. Then, you should get the option to "shop clothes" in that category. You are then able to place your shirt ID of your choice. Same goes if you want to put on a hat/pants; you must walk up to the proper area of the store for the type of clothing you want to put on.

If you're unlucky enough to be in the area far into the night, you may come across the Murder at Midnight episode. Most of the immediate surroundings of BE Fashion are cordoned off, evidently by the Watch. Inside the quarantine area is evidence that suggests a murder took place. Or perhaps, it was a cover-up by The Watch, bribed by the Executives to keep the attention elsewhere while something more sinister took place...



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