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Atomic Automat (stylized as ATOMIC AUTOMAT) is a conventional fast-food restaurant located in the Lower District, offering many purchasable items, some of which are offered elsewhere. The chain is well known throughout the area, a popular choice for many. The opening of a new Neon District location in 2041 was widely publicized, with their new restaurant showing off the latest and greatest technology advancements in the fast food business. The restaurant also prominently features Chubbi, Atomic Automat's famous mascot.

Atomic Automat was one of the first fast food restaurants to combine the new automation technology and culinary services, opening in the late 2030s when places of this sort were not common. This appealing conception allowed them to grow quickly in popularity, becoming one the most successful modern food chains in the world. This focus on automation, however, further increased the number of unemployed throughout, a problem that had been exponentially growing since the advent of automation technology.

The glass storefront of the automat is located in an alley near the Amery Plaza tunnel. Near the back entrance, there is another smaller alley which leads to a small lot with a basketball court and the back door to Discount Clothes. A food pickup window is placed next to the entrance to the restaurant, where food ordered at the Automat kiosks can be picked up 24/7. The service uses an automated kitchen, a trademark of Atomic Automat and known for it's speed and efficiency. This automated system takes advantage of Donno Vac chambers, cryocontainers distributed by N-Tech and developed by Amery International. Inside, counters and booths are present for eating in the restaurant, along with any other amenities needed. The menu displays their famous burgers, along with the Neon District exclusive, the Redwood, which is based off the Redwood Apartments, a conspiracy that's solution has been sought in the district for years.


Item Image E-Cash Description
Surreal Cola
ⓔ23 Feeling Scrombled? Enjoy the taste of orang surreal cola.
Chubbi Plushie
ⓔ430 A small doll of Chubbi, Atomic Automat's world famous mascot. A must-have item for children.
Zai Fries
ⓔ30 These fries are seriously oishii. 20 grams of salt per serving.
Classic Burger
ⓔ35 Neon District's #1 Burger since 2026! Contains 5% real meat. Hungry citizens often stop by to pick one up on their way home from work.
ⓔ22 Make sure to grab a coffee before your 14-hour work shift!
Atomic Water
ⓔ15 Collected from the leaky sink drain.


Atomic Automat
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