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Amery Station is a subway station next to Amery International. The subway has many similarities with with the Neon District Station. The subway has neon lights on the walls, aswell 3 ticket booths near the escalator. From there, there is an escalator leading up from the station which leads you next to the road, near the Amery International building.

If your the curious type and trekked down the subway track for a little while, you probably noticed a hole in the wall of the tunnel, seeming to have been knocked down from the other side. Going inside, old fluorescent bulbs illuminate a stairway leading down to what appears to be a decrepit and abandonded Subway platform, sections of it caved in. Firebarrels, sleeping bags, strung-up bulbs and other signs suggest people (most likely Wonderers) have inhabited the space. There are multiple other train and platform tunnels, all of which end in collapse, except for one on the left. It splits up and hand-dug tunnels go in two directions - to the sewers and a dead-end.

Perhaps this is how the Wonderers get from place to place in Neon District; using the neglected areas the conglomerate corporations choose to ignore and forget.


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