Amery International is located next to Amery Station and down the street from the Parking Garage. When you enter through the glass doors, you enter into a large foyer with a silver bull statue in front of the glass windows. You are also met with a front desk in front of a huge, bright, white board that has "Embrace Future" written on it in large print.

Going through the grey doors on the right of the foyer, you'll enter the Tech Lab where the Scientists in Neon District experiment. The laboratory consists of 4 work spaces with L desks, equipped with a monitor each, all in the open 2 floor space. A huge translucent display is presented displaying binary code, graphs and other information. A robot on wheels that has 2 barrels in which the purpose seems to serve as a mobile turret, supposedly connected in some way to Virgo Dynamics.

There are also 3 rooms with windowed walls in the lab. One is the genetics laboratory which is the closest to the entrance to the Tech Lab. There are also office spaces in the far back of the Laboratory. Beside it, there is an Experimental Tech room which is also windowed. Inside, you'll see a DNA strand hologram, a desk with a computer that's facing two glass chambers that contain a mysterious liquid. Players are able to go inside those chambers, hovering inside the liquid when the chamber is closed. Behind the glass partition on the side of the Tech Lab, there is a staircase leading up to a Server Room that overlooks the main work area.

Amery International developed the Nano Inject, which is available for purchase at Nexus Solutions Ltd., near Aircom, for 300 E-Cash as of the Riot Update.

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