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The Advanced Combat Force, ACF for short, Was a military project designed to produce the finest soldiers for war. This, of course, was done during the early 2010s, where the term 'nation' meant something in this universe.

The project was a success, and the first ACF squadron was put into action in 2025 after the project was saved from shutdown by a man referred to as ' The Founding Father '.

These synthetic soldiers are downright emotionless and obedient. They can murder countless innocents at once, but at the same time, they can die as a hero while saving lives. It all depends on what the order given to them is.


The first appearance of ACF happened in 2025, in Great Britain.

The first-ever ACF squadron was deployed in London during a massive-scale riot that eventually got out of hand.

Two ACF squadrons were swiftly deployed around the area, One codenamed


'Salvation Squadron', the other one codenamed ' Wolfpack 1 '.

During the event, the ACF squadrons were seen clearing out rooftops from the angry citizens that were currently revolting. And placing auto-turrets on the rooftops. With the assistance of local law enforcement units and auto-turrets, The ACF units were able to contain the uprising into a lower scale, taking no casualties in the process.

After their first contamination of an incident, ACF gained a high reputation amongst several governments. Who were more than glad to call for assistance from ACF when needed.

Currently, nobody knows what they are up to. Are they in Neon District? Are they just watching from a rooftop? Are they in a place we would call 'nowhere' fighting insurgents?

Nobody knows, but everybody has learned one lesson during the rise of ACF.

You may kill ACF units, But you can never truly kill ACF.

'Termination is the best contamination.'

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ACF Branches

Interceptor [IS]

Interceptors often take role as the first response units of ACF.

Their primary tasks range from scouting, intercepting and gathering info on a certain location.

In the case of Interceptors not being able to handle the threat, full-on ACF deployment commences.

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They are made out of ACF Units who have proved to have stronger nerves and stronger senses than their more common brethren, they may occasionally take the role of snipers when the situation requires it.

They are lead by Commander Far-Eye.

Karma Corps [KC]

Karma Corps takes the role of a military police in ACF. Observing and taking notes of units who they suspect is showing 'desertous behavior'. They are majorly made out of humans instead of synths, as they usually are there to enforce rules to ACF units, not go into combat.

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This makes them easier to kill compared to a regular ACF Unit, but one must remember that Karma Corps can seize full command of ACF in terms of emergency with their power and authority.

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They are led by Director Foxhound, a human who is not exactly keen on synths, but really is just too much of a coward to complain to the Founding Father.

We don't blame him, The Founding Father is a scary man.

Toxicator [TC]

Possibly the darkest branch of ACF in terms of the operations they go to.

They are equipped with chemical weaponry such as gas grenades, chemical bullets or etc.

Their primary biological and chemical weaponry is crafted by the ACF itself, the most popular ones being Martyr-24 and Freitag-5.

They mainly are used to reduce the population in overpopulated zones, in which the government cannot pay for social services. They have participated in massacres hidden from the public, such as the Nanking Massacre, where 3 million people were reported to be killed by chemical weaponry. Martyr-24 and Freitag-5 were both used.

They are led by Commander Flask.

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'' Me and my brothers, we come to destroy. We are not ordered to show mercy, and we would not show it even if we were left to our free will. ''
- Commander Flask, 2040

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