The ATM is an interactable that you can find around Neon District. When you interact with it prompts a screen where you can purchase E-Cash with Robux. 

"The ATMs are stat

e-of-the-art machines manufactured by Econo-Smart Banks to make withdrawing money as easy as can be", stated Kevin Hall, Chief Financial Officer of Econo-Smart Banks.  "They allow for statistics on interest rates and other things besides the withdrawal functions as well."

A rival of Econo-Smart, Safe Service Banks, also has ATMs, which are similar to the models of the former. The ATMs of Safe Service are about $1000 per piece while those of Econo-Smart are $1200 per piece.


There are 6 Econo-Smart ATMs in Neon District, which are:

  • Outside of Econo-Smart
  • 2 Inside the lobby of Econo-Smart
  • Near the entrance of Neon District Station
  • Entrance to the overground parking garage
  • Outside the entrance to Amery Station

The only Safe-Service ATMs are in the Safe-Service bank, demonstrating the Econo-Smart's 'Monopoly' in Neon District.

Dev Products

Cost (Robux) E-Cash Rate
R$ 90 2,500 E-Cash 28 / R$
R$ 160 5,000 E-Cash 31 / R$
R$ 700 25,000 E-Cash 36 / R$
R$ 1290 50,000 E-Cash 39 / R$
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